Here goes nothing!

For more than 5 years I have owned and “thought about” Cobwebs and Crystals.  I had an Etsy page for a while but once my career took off, my creativity and execution took a back seat.  Designing and planning my own wedding last year, reinvigorated my creative passion.  I was “pinning” like crazy, finding like minded artists who exercised fine art, DIY projects both large and small, making a house a home and finding small ways to organize their crazy lives.  My husband Patrick and I are approaching 1 year of married bliss and throughout this year, in intimate settings, someone would say to me, “That’s a great idea!”.  I realized I have a voice and a unique vision about life, I take old and new ideas, combine them and make something more practical or applicable to daily life.

I am hoping to help inspire another generation, offer a place to gather ideas, create visions for the future and bring some clarity to our crazy lives.

PS – in 2010 I built my very own website from scratch using Dreamweaver, bought the Dreamweaver for Dummies book and did it, documented my journey in another country.  For some reason starting Cobwebs and Crystals is not like riding a bike, so bear with me.

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